36 Word Search Puzzles With
The American Sign Language Alphabet
– Volume 01 –

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American Version / Volume 01

With the American Sign Language Alphabet
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Product Description

Looking for an awesome new challenge in word search puzzles?
Have fun with the American Sign Language Alphabet!

This is the ultimate challenge for the truly fearless word search addicted who are looking for a new experience, or for fingerspelling aficionados eager to hone their craft. No matter what your fingerspelling ability level is – even if you have never tried it before: This puzzle collection is sure to provide you with many hours of fun!
Are you …
… looking for a new word search puzzle challenge?
… looking for ways to train your fingerspelling skills without the need of a partner?
… tired of seeing poor quality hand shape illustrations being used for sign language alphabet word search puzzles?
Each professionally illustrated book of the Fingerspelling Word Search Games series focusses on a broad variety of topics.

These books include:

  • Handshape illustrations approved by sign language experts from Gallaudet University
  • Quality illustrations
  • The complete ASL Alphabet chart / All signs as seen by the viewer
  • Key solutions for all of the puzzles
  • 2 additional ASL alphabet charts to cut out & give away
  • Download links for free alphabet charts

No matter what your ability level, this ASL word search puzzle book is sure to provide you with many hours of fun!

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About The Author

Lassal, the author, was nominated for the German Price for Civil Engagement 2013 for her illustrations of international sign language alphabets for the project Fingeralphabet.org.


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Product Details
Titel:36 Word Search Puzzles With
The American Sign Language Alphabet: VOLUME 01
Series:ASL Fingerspelling Word Search Games
Author / Illustrator:Lassal
Publishing date:2015
Genre:non fiction, activity book
Word Searches:36
Difficulty Level 4-5
Additional languages:
Number of pages46