Cool Kids Know Sign! Mugs


As of a couple of months ago, LegendaryMedia became the official manager of the merchandising related to our published book projects.

Currently, we are testing product-lines and designs on various print-on-demand platforms on several continents for

The aim is to find high quality product lines to not only add value for our readers, but also to help generate the much needed financial ressources necessary to keep afloat without adding to the workload.

We are thrilled to reuse a lot of illustrations that would otherwise be confined to the e-books. Not only because we think that it would be a pity to only see them digitally, but also because the books are very time consuming to illustrate. Seeing some of the early illustrations already out there, doing their job before the publication is ready to go, motivates us. Also, several illustrations that were discarded as we changed the targeted age group, will now get an unexpected chance to get seen despite of it.

More information amd links to follow.



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