Little Hunterman, Book 1,
announced for 2014

Der Kleine Huntermann – Buch 01

We are excited to tell you that after having had to yield to the first set of Fingeralphabet-books, little Hunterman is finally alive and kicking!

If you want to follow the daily cartoon, follow this link to visit the official site. There you will find links to various social media platforms.

LegendaryMedia will be publishing the yearly Little Hunterman books both in German and in English and managing the merchandising.

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Announcing: Fingeralphabet KIDS

Fingeralphabet KIDS

Fingeralphabet KIDS is gathering all of its cool little friends to secretly spread the signs!

Princesses, little dragons, cool school kids, little vampires and mermaids, young superheroes and fantasy folk from all around the globe. They are all in it and they are all having a lot of fun.

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Fingeralphabet (Basic) Manuals updated to Version X.1

All the manual alphabets from the BASIC series, the manuals, have been updated to version X.1.
They now include basic fingerspelling instructions just as a set of sign overviews for the alphabet and the numbers 0-10. They also include a small introduction that explains the difference betwenn fingerspelling and sign-languages.

The price ist the same.
If you have bought the previous versions, you are entitled to a free upgrade. Please send us an email and include your Amazon receipt (the first versions have only been out as mobi-files) and we will take care of the rest.

The new versions of the Fingeralphabet manuals will be the ones used for the print versions.

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Upgrading Fingeralphabet eBooks

Fingeralphabeth USA, Canada, Brazil


We are putting a lot of work into the printed documentations of the Fingeralphabets. Direct and indirect feedback is going into the production, which will also make an upgrade of the eBook versions necessary.
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