Flynn’s Ocean / Flynn Bags

What's A Flynn Bag?


In a bold move we decided to come up with unusual merchandising for Flynn’s Ocean.

Given that his best friend Flynn, the damaged rubber duck, has an obsession with the topic of recycling (life after death, in his case) and with water (even though, or maybe because it’s his phobia), we wanted to do add value for our readers instead of merely t-shirts.

We created the Flynn Bags.

What that is, you wonder?
Well, we know it is yellow.
And we know it is NOT a Porsche.

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Little Hunterman, Book 1,
announced for 2014

Der Kleine Huntermann – Buch 01

We are excited to tell you that after having had to yield to the first set of Fingeralphabet-books, little Hunterman is finally alive and kicking!

If you want to follow the daily cartoon, follow this link to visit the official site. There you will find links to various social media platforms.

LegendaryMedia will be publishing the yearly Little Hunterman books both in German and in English and managing the merchandising.

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