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Fingeralphabet Belgium/Flanders

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Fingeralphabet Belgium/Flanders is a manual that includes the redrawn, corrected and officially approved signs of the Flemish sign language alphabet and of the numbers 0-10.

This book is part of a set of manuals that supplements the free PDF versions of the international manual alphabets on It is designed for libraries, institutions and individuals who need the information in a different form and/or more facts than a single sheet of paper could possibly provide.

Each sign is shown by itself while also being included into a small overview. All the hand signs are shown from two view points to facilitate understanding.

The texts in this book are written in English and include an introduction as well as instructions on how to use fingerspelling.
Please note that the texts are not necessary to understand the hand signs and merely provide additional information regarding the topic, project and the author.

By buying this book you are supporting the pro bono publico project It’s aim is to document all the existing manual alphabets worldwide and to provide free basic information for educational purposes.

Lassal Nominiert für den Deutschen Engagementpreis 2013Lassal’s work on has earned her a nomination for The German Prize for Civic Engagement 2013.


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Product Details
Title:Fingeralphabet Belgium / Flanders
Subtitle:A Manual for The Flemish Sign Language Alphabet
Series:Fingeralphabet BASIC
Author / Illustrator:Lassal
Publishing date:2012 (mobi)
2013 (ePub)
Genre:non fiction, reference book
Additional languages:
eBook Size:2,9 MB
aprox. 54 pages
ISBN mobi:


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Additional Information

A print version of this book is in preparation.
There is also a free A4-PDF version of a simple German manual alphabet, that you can download from