Marie – The Mystery of the Mermaids’ Eyes

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Marie – The Mystery of the Mermaids' Eyes
The title of the German translation is:
“Marie – Die 3 Augen der Meerjungfrauen”.
And you can find it HERE.

Product Description

A tale of hope, fear, joy, and love.
A whispered song about sacrifice and devotion.

A series of stories about responsibility and the understanding that there might exist dimensions beyond this one, joined to our world by similar hopes and fears, by similar longings for happiness and love, while inflicted by the same blindness that makes us all search beyond the horizon, while salvation looks us in the eye.

The sweet dream of becoming a ballerina helps the forever ill 10-year-old Marie to cope with her fate. This all changes when she hears the tale of a mermaid and her magical shell – a shell that is an Eye into the future, and that could show Marie the path to salvation, or doom…
A dangerous chain of events leads to the question of what really matters in our lives — only, possibly, too late for Marie. Will she find her answers in time to save herself?


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Product Details

Subtitle:The Mystery of The Mermaids' Eyes
Series:The Mystery of The Mermaids' Eyes, Book 1
Publishing date:English version, text only, 2012
(German version, text only, 2011)
Publisher / ImprintLegendaryMedia
Genre:legend, fantasy
Additional languages:German, text only, 2011

Size:aprox. 20,500 words
aprox. 82 pages*
Recommended age:9 years and older
ISBN mobi:
978-3-86469-059-4 (text version)
978-3-86469-036-5 (text version)

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