Little Tobi Conquers The World (German)

"Klein Tobi"Sorry, only available in German at this point.


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A cartoon collection of hilarious children’s anecdotes: all charmingly true, all carefully selected for the eyes of a wider public.
Drawn by renowned German concept artist Lassal in honor of her brother and all young heroes like him, who fearlessly jump off their mother’s lap to explore the unknown that lingers beyond.

An immense enjoyment for every young at heart.

Contains 38 illustrated anecdotes.

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Product Details
Titel:Klein Tobi erobert die Welt
Subtitle:Lauter wahre Geschichten
Author / Illustrator:Lassal
Edition:1 & 2
Publisher / ImprintLegendaryMedia
Publishing date:2011
2012 (expanded)
Genre:Graphic Novel
Recommended age:13 years or older
eBook file-size / pages:48 pages
ISBN mobi:
978-3-86469-038-9 (expanded)