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Fingeralphabet Cool KIDS –
Word Search Book Series

Fingeralphabet Cool KIDS – Word Search Books with ASL – Adjectives

Search & learn (finger)spelling with the American Sign Language Alphabet.

Fingeralphabet Cool Kids will start this series for the USA and the ASL alphabet with the topic of “adjectives”.

In the next two years, we will start this series by publishing 15 books with different topics for the American, German and Brazilian hand alphabets.

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Fingeralphabet Cool Kids – The Book of Codes

Meanwhile, if you are interested in the ASL-Versions, you might like the Cool KIDS Word Search Puzzle

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Announcing: Fingeralphabet KIDS

Fingeralphabet KIDS

Fingeralphabet KIDS is gathering all of its cool little friends to secretly spread the signs!

Princesses, little dragons, cool school kids, little vampires and mermaids, young superheroes and fantasy folk from all around the globe. They are all in it and they are all having a lot of fun.

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Main Walk Books

MainWalkBooks Logo

Main Walk Books is LegendaryMedia Publishing’s new imprint for all the upcoming fiction books.

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Fingeralphabet (Basic) Manuals updated to Version X.1

All the manual alphabets from the BASIC series, the manuals, have been updated to version X.1.
They now include basic fingerspelling instructions just as a set of sign overviews for the alphabet and the numbers 0-10. They also include a small introduction that explains the difference betwenn fingerspelling and sign-languages.

The price ist the same.
If you have bought the previous versions, you are entitled to a free upgrade. Please send us an email and include your Amazon receipt (the first versions have only been out as mobi-files) and we will take care of the rest.

The new versions of the Fingeralphabet manuals will be the ones used for the print versions.

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Announcement: Little Hunterman, Book 1

Little Hunterman

“It is great fun for me to draw the stories, and not only because I have this little dog around me all of the time.

Since he came to me as a small puppy of barely two months, he has not ceased to delight me with his character and quirks. And in order not to keep all the fun to myself, I will share a daily page of the draft on his website, before the book comes out in May.

Stay tuned!”


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We just reached the Top 10 Bestseller List!

Screenshot iTunes

I just stumbled over “Klein Tobi erobert die Welt” at #5 of the Top10 Bestseller List / Graphic Novel in iTunes Germany.
That is sooo coooool!


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“Marie” and “klein Tobi” released!

UPDATE 16.December:
Klein Tobi erobert die Welt: now in the iBookstore!
With 14 new illustrations.

UPDATE 14.December:
Marie und die Meerjungfrau: now on Amazon!
(The link goes to – just change the country code to switch. The product information is not updated yet on all of the Amazon sites)

It is so hard to wait … Tell us about it!
Unfortunately, right now, it is waiting time.

“Klein Tobi” was uploadet to Apple’s iBookstore 10 days ago and “Marie und die Meerjungfrau” is patiently waiting to get through the Amazon inspection. We will let you know when they are released.

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